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Make the sale. Make the sale. Make the sale.

Everything we touch...  everything we write... everything we design, program, print, or stuff into an envelope is done with salesmenship at its core.  We are salesmanship... multiplied.

Why? Because salesmanship in print is the fastest way to sell your products and services.  We're not trying to win any fru-fru design awards (even though our team has), we're trying to sell!  The bottom line IS the bottom line.

We use an integration of online and offline techniques, such as incorporating landing pages and Google AdWords management techniques into an offline mail campaign using the information we glean from the online campaign. We literally blend multiple mediums into one another to make sure that we are identifying those who are likely to say "yes" to you, and then we hit them again, and again, and again with all of our different programs and products.

We literally are salespeople who are creating their marketing equivalents and then getting them in front of people using our "tools of engagement" such as hand addressed envelopes, variable data printing techniques, and headline/copy driven unique selling propositions.

Hand Addressing

Yes. We have hundreds of people that sit around and hand address envelopes.  It is a vital part of mastering the "interruption" phase of any successful marketing transaction.  While we don't "always" use hand addressing, we sure do recommend it often. 

In fact, everything we do follows very carefully tested marketing pricinples.  Because we test our stuff so thoroughly, we have strong opinions and may not always tell you what you want to hear.  Unlike other agencies you may have dealt with in the past, we don't work to make you happy.  Yes, you read that correctly, our objectives do not include making you happy.  We work for your objectives, and if you're standing in the way of your own success, we'll politely let you know that so you can get out of the way.

That doesn't mean we are a bunch of jerks or anything, we just know that marketing needs to make a sale, get you a new customer, and grow your gross revenue.  We mail nearly a million pieces of mail each month that we write and design, we have a behavior analyst on staff, and so we have an excellent vantage point when it comes to deciding "what is working TODAY."

The Process

Everything starts with our first conversation.  We need to talk to you, find out what you're trying to accomplish, and learn about what you're offering (and to whom).  From there, we'll tell you what is working, what to avoid, and how we think you should proceed.  If you don't agree with what we think, that's fine; but that doesn't mean you should stop thinking.

We promise you that regardless of whether or not we work together, you'll finish your conversation with us more certain than you were when you started it. Call us today at 866-598-0193 and hit 1 to talk to one of our marketing enthusiasts.  We have a unique way of doing business, and our clients tell us they love it, so we're going to make sure we "keep it up."

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