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What does your website do for you?

In the land of direct response marketing, we tend to always ask the question, "What is your marketing doing for you?"

When it comes to your website, our philosophy is simple. You should be treating your website like your number one salesperson. You would want your number one salesperson to always know what is going on, to be constantly updated with all that your company is doing, to be infinitely knowledgeable about your unique value proposition, and to be able to build rapport, establish trust, and make the sale. Is your website making you money? Are you neglecting your website? Is your website neglecting you?

When we create a website, our number one objective is to make sure that it is performing the same way a top salesperson would be performing. For this reason we typically recommend building in devices that are going to not only capture information, but we are going to recommend that we make your website "alive." You absolutely want your website to be more than an online brochure. People hate brochures. Brochures are rarely read, and therefore rarely understood.

Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish online. If you are like most smart marketers, you would realize that you are trying to help your future customers understand what you are capable of doing, and more importantly, why your capabilities matter to them.

If your website is not meeting these basic requirements, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you improve your online presence in a way that makes sense and makes money.