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Be Heard, Now!

If a tree fell in the woods and nobody was around to hear it, would it make a noise? The answer is, "Who cares?" A better question is, "If you had a strong offer, and nobody was around to hear it, would you still be able to stay in business?"

The difference between a successful company and a bankrupt company often lies in their ability to communicate their value to those who have the ability to say "yes." Business is not a field of dreams; you cannot just build it and expect them to come. You can not just spend a fortune in marketing and expect things to work.

Far too many companies with incredible products, unquestionable proof elements, and truly unique offers go out of business every year. Of those that do not go out of business, many find themselves barely getting by or simply not making the money they deserve.

If I were to ask you right this minute, "What is your offer?" How would you answer that question?

More than ninety percent of the customers I work with are not able to answer that question without spending a few minutes thinking about it. Without a quick and confident answer to that question, my advice to you is to close your checkbook -- stop spending money on your marketing. Stop spending any money until you figure out what it is you are selling because you do not have a strong enough grip on your own proposition.

By the way, your offer cannot be, "buy my stuff." It simply doesn't work, and it is probably the root cause of why you are frustrated with your marketing.

Your offer needs to be unique and strong, not gimmicky, and not general. It should be able to address natural objections to your proposition, thereby providing your prospects with a clear path to say "yes."

Marketing is about moving in the right direction; toward a chance to perform. Good, clean communication with a strong offer is the very definition of marketing, and it all begins with you.

First, you need to be able to understand what you are selling, what problem it solves, and how to make it easy for your prospects to get started with you. Then, you can grow your sale through service, through performance, and through your ability to back up the promises that you made.

Give yourself permission to get creative with your offers. Then pick one that you like and get it out there. Talk to your customers, talk to your prospects, and get some strong conversations going.

Do not allow yourself to fall victim to inactivity. Those who stand still will be crushed, you need to be moving forward with your eyes wide open. Learn, practice, and smile while you're doing both, for you're on the road to success in your business and in your life.

Where to begin? Take five or ten minutes, sit down with a yellow legal pad and write your offer at the top of the page. Start by writing, "I am offering you..." at the top. Then map out different options to be able to complete that sentence.

You'd better believe that the minute you start doing this, you are going to notice thoughts banging on the door of your mind. These thoughts are going to try to convince you that you are going down the wrong path; they are going to list all of the reasons why you cannot offer the items on your page.

Yes, this is an exercise in business creativity. Yes, this exercise has the power to turn your world upside down. Yes, this exercise requires you to have the strength and humility to admit that you may not be doing things the right way now. But remember, the only real danger is the danger of inactivity.

Trust me, your competition and market forces are churning wickedly right outside your door, but, with a strong offer, you gain the ability to conquer everything in your way as you reach out your arms to your prospects. Relax, with the right offer, your prospects will be reaching out to you as well. Sales are simply the results of these connections. Simple, pure, and beautiful marketing at its finest.

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