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The essence of simplicity at work.

Employee surveys are often over-used and under-acted upon.

They also set up interesting expectations:

1) Since employees are promised anonymity, they should gratefully take the opportunity to be blatantly honest about their experiences, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. 

I love the gym, I love the gym not....

It's summer. The birds are chirping, the trees stretch confidently toward the sky.

It's summer. Flowers pop and flip flops flip-flop on hot sidewalks toward ice cream trucks.

It's summer... and I just joined a gym. 

It's Just Roadkill!

Blood and guts on the asphalt. We've all seen it. We've all dodged it and thought we were professionals weaving in and out of cones in those car commercials demonstrating maneuverability. Right?

Finding Mr. Right

While in college, I searched for Mr. Right. While I was by no means a pro, for the few dates I did go on, I was certainly systematic in my pre-date routine. If we could take a time machine back to my college days and you assumed the position of a fly on my wall you would surely chuckle at my strategic nature as I prepared for my date.

Turning Negative into Positive

Often in life we are faced with negative situations, some heavier than others, but it is how we deal with them that makes us who we are. As a designer I am often faced with negatives.

"This is too small"

"Can we make this bigger?"

"Personally it's not for me"


The 5 Sentence Blog Post #3: Are You Invisible?

Picture of a group of penguins

Goal-den Summertime

Even though we are already halfway through June, I recently sat down and set my list of goals to accomplish this summer. By setting goals, you will also raise your self-confidence, as you recognize your ability and competence in achieving the goals that you have set.


With a world full of facebook, twitter, and blogging it is a mystery how anyone gets anything done anymore. I have started using an application that literally helps turn off social networking and turn on creativity when working on projects. For me, it has increased concentration and productivity because I can sometimes have a short attention span.

Marketing Lesson From Our Toilet Seat

Yesterday afternoon I went downstairs to take a pee.

As I lifted up the toilet seat, I noticed a new mini-poster hanging on the wall above the toilet.  The mini-poster had an artistic graphic on it with the headline, "Guys, please put the seat down when you are done."

Istockphoto WAR

When we got our pictures taken  for our website team page the photographer, Jan Richard, asked if she could put my image on Since then I have said that it would be funny if a potential client happened to search for "computer programmer" or "web designer" and found my image and thought that I used a stock photo for my team page image.

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