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The final frontier

Space, the final frontier

The only leverage you have...

Gary Bencivenga Says:

"The only leverage you have in direct response marketing is that you can anticipate what they are going to think at each step in the process.  They have total power because they can stop reading or pitch your piece at any time."

How to make your clucking marketing work

Imagine this: You own a chicken shack, and you need to sell more of your ten piece buckets. You decide to come up with a flyer and so you wonder, "Who should I target? Should I use the same piece for everybody or should I create different versions? Should I test them out somehow first?

good things DO come in small packages.

The best representation of a company can sometimes be something as small as their business card. It is of the utmost importance to make a good first impression, but that small piece of paper that is left behind after the meeting can make an even better impression. From their attention to detail, paper choice, color, layout, to typeface: a business card says it all.

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