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There's a new serif in town

What has the world come to? Serif better than san-serif for readability you have got to be kidding me! Thats what I was saying to myself as Tom came to me to show me a little known and hidden fact in the doldrums of some of my most recent readings.

The "Monopoly" of Variable Data Tear Sheets

The word monopoly is defined as “company having exclusive ownership over a commodity or service”. There is a certain product that we create here that has been deemed a “monopoly” by a gentleman in South Carolina. It's our variable data tear sheets! They are one of a kind!

Nobody loves you.... What?!?!

Driving to work this morning, I passed a billboard on my left.

As I looked to try and read it. As I read the headline on the billboard, I did a double take.  (keeping in mind that I'm driving while reading, something that is important to consider if you waste your money on billboards in the first place)....

Headline, or No Headline: That is The Question

A customer of ours, fresh off a conference call with a fellow marketing expert, called me in a panic just before his piece went to press. The piece we were about to print had a strong headline in it, and he wanted to take a moment to revisit whether using a headline was a good idea or not.

We Built This City on Rock and Roll

Every company is built on values.

How do you figure out appropriate titles for yourself?

Coming up with an appropriate title is one issues that some companies come across. Since starting, i have never had a fully established title. It something that is always on my mind and something that i have a hard time figuring out.

How to get around having a large amount of projects to get accomplished and not forgetting them?

Here at work i do many different things such as create web sites or IT work. Well at some points i ended up have a million and one things to do and had problems keeping track of them and insuring things got done properly and ON TIME.

Hyson Headache Medicine: "Not Tonight Honey..."

I listen to a lot of satellite radio, which means I get to hear a lot of great commercials. The commercial I heard this morning for Hyson Headache Medicine was NOT one of these great commercials. The composition of all the elements was very well done, but the components they used for their argument were horrendous. Here is their headline: "Not tonight Honey....

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