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Super Bowl Commercials 2010

There are really several different ways to look at the commercials from the Super Bowl.

Which commercials actually sold product, generated leads, or accomplished their objective?

AND.... which commercials were able to get that "chatter" going in the days following the Super Bowl?

Ten Interesting Ways To Keep Your Mind Fresh

Admit it; sometimes it is hard to keep your mind fresh. However, like anything worth doing in this life, we must continue to work at.

The simple fact is this: when we have a fresh mind, we are able to see what is really standing before us, we are able to better serve our clients, and we are able to find that "one idea" that changes everything.

The times before content management systems.

The idea of not using a content management system.
As I continue to develop and build web-sites in a content management system (CMS) called Drupal.  I look back to what I did before and realized I should have switched over a long time ago.  CMS allow me to develop one main template instead of recreating pages from one main page template.

Paisley, Polka-Dots & Plaid

Patterns, patterns, patterns.

Piss poor preparation promotes pain.

That was spontaneity. That was random. That stood out! However true, I only said it because I didn't want to say, "Peter Piper picked a pepper".

Idiotic email defies law of gravity

Mac Mall... What were you thinking?

Mac Mall Email

Have you ever read something and had to stare at it for a second to figure out what the hell they're talking about? 

As a MATTEr of Fact

Being a designer is all about choices.

What color best portrays this company?

Serif or sans-serif?

left aligned or center aligned?

Is your boss buying you Transformer toys?

No? Well, then he/she most likely isn't creating a fervid workforce.

If I were a font......

If I were a font.....what would i be Well I can tell you one thing that I defiantly would not be a sans-serif font.

Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts does bring positive things to your life

Ever since I stopped yelling and cursing at the office printer it has worked more efficiently. This has seriously started to change my life as I begin to apply it to all other applications! If you think you can, you really can. It can be as simple as walking around with a smile and creating a more constructive environment. :)

The essence of simplicity at work.

Employee surveys are often over-used and under-acted upon.

They also set up interesting expectations:

1) Since employees are promised anonymity, they should gratefully take the opportunity to be blatantly honest about their experiences, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. 

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